Examples of our Work


Like many factory owners who labour at the machinery and manufacture the goods, we are passionate about our work. For many years we have been involved with design and manufacture of chair, table, lamp and other furniture frames but in recent years we have also become involved with steel window frames

Apple Fabrication has assisted numerous designers and brands with their products, both in the design phase and the building/prototype phase. Often an anonymous contribution, but without it these products would never have reached completion.                                                             

The 'Pepe' chair

Manufacturing for some of Australia's most renowned furniture brands, Apple are perhaps best known in design circles for developing the steel frame in the 'Pepe' chair by MAP International. Held in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York the Pepe chair was featured on an Australia Post stamp in 1997.

On display in the Apple office the Pepe stamps belong to a weathered collection of catalogues, posters and photographs that record the factory's work history.